Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Primp My Toenails

Play Primp My Toenails

Linda is going to a party tonight and she’d like to look wonderful from head to toes. Therefore she comes to your nail salon for a pedicure. Please help her primp her toenails and feet with these beautiful nail polish, decals, tattoos and rings. Have fun!

Play the game Primp My Toenails Online

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Treasure Defender

Treasure Defender Game

It is known that there are treasures in Arsonneau continent. Select your heroes to take the adventure in the continent to find legendary treasures.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Smiley Showdown

Smiley Showdown

An exciting chain reaction game in which you get to blow up a huge number of smileys!

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Steak and Jake Game

Steak and Jake Game

Help Steak and his bird friend Jake avoid the problems they appear to get themselves into.

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Vehicle Tower Defense 3

Vehicle Tower Defense 3

Defend against the waves of vehicles. Place your towers and upgrade them. Be cautious about those UFOs!

Have fun with playing Vehicle Tower Defense 3 Online

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Myth Wars

Myth Wars

Send your units to the other side to crush the enemy castle. Use your units sparingly.

Have fun with playing Play Myth Wars Online

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Play Carnival Shooutout

Play Carnival Shooutout

Test out your sharp shooting skills in the fantastic carnival shooting game 'Carnival Shootout'.

Have fun with Carnival Shooutout Game

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The Budget Invasion

Play The Budget Invasion

Invade the earth on a budget. Utilize what ever means to eliminate all soldiers.

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Friday, August 27, 2010


Germicide Game

Position your towers in the path of enemies moving from left to right. Try to stop all of forces.

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Night Out Dress Up Game

Night Out Dress Up Game

It is a warm summer evening and it's time to have night out on the town in something fashionable.

Have fun with playing Play Night Out Dress Up Online

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Aerobatics Game

Aerobatics Game

Drive your plane to perform the very best performance of aerobatics. There's a different task waiting for you in each level. Try to finish them all and prove to the world that you're the best aerobatics pilot.

Have fun with playing Aerobatics Game

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My Kingdom for the Princess 2

My Kingdom for the Princess 2 Game

Guide Arthur clear the land, stop invaders, and work with magical beings to save Princess Helen from a dreadful dwarf!

Have fun with My Kingdom for the Princess 2

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GabCab Game

Prepare yourself for fun with GabCab! Upgrade your cab, hire personnel, and catch tips as you keep your customer’s content!

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Star Girl Dressup Game

Play Star Girl Dressup

Dressup this girl to look like a star.

Play the game Star Girl Dressup Game Online

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Golden Boy

Golden Boy

On an early morning in a tiny village a child is born. It turns out that this isn’t a normal child, instead one with magical powers! A few years after the birth of the child, his parents find out that this is a very special child. His nickname then becomes GoldenBoy. This rumour spreads throughout the village and even reaches the scary Skulltree castle. Skulltree is a village in which only offenders live. Most of the inhabitants there have kidnapped the child and locked him up in the cellar at Skulltree castle. The child is sitting on his haunches, alone. It is an incredibly difficult time for him. Slowly and gradually his anger starts to build.

Play the game Golden Boy Online

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Escape from the Tone Room

Escape from the Tone Room Game

This is my 2nd flash game. It involves abstract puzzle solving more than finding and using objects.

Play the game Escape from the Tone Room Game Online

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Cutie Hair Salon

Cutie Hair Salon Game

It is back to school season. The hottie really wants to change her hairstyle for the new semester. Please help her pick the best shampoo, towel, scissor, etc. and get the brand new hair done! Enjoy yourself!

Have fun with Cutie Hair Salon Game

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Photo Hunt Tangled

Photo Hunt Tangled

Attempt to take photos accurately as shown at the bottom and score as many points as you can! Take the best group of photographs and get the highest score.

Play the game Photo Hunt Tangled Online

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Bumble Tumble Game

Bumble Tumble

Rotate the octagon in order to get 3 or more same colored shapes to touch in this physics based puzzle game.

Have fun with Play Bumble Tumble Online

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liferaft Zero Game

Liferaft Zero Game

Conquer lots of platforming trials as a young lady with grappling hook and ninja wall-jumping acrobatic ability in this first installment of Liferaft.

Have fun with playing Liferaft Zero Online

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Caring for Teddy

Play Caring for Teddy

Please dress up this lovely young lady and her Teddy bear.

Have fun with Play Caring for Teddy Online

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Play Gothic Lolita Dress Up

Play Gothic Lolita Dress Up

Click and drag the clothing items onto the gothic lolita.

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Play Doodle Balls

Play Doodle Balls

Shoot the red balls with your cannon and catch them for points in this peggle style physics game! But don't catch the black cannonball, or else you lose points!

Have fun with playing Play Doodle Balls

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Play Blazing

Blazing Game

Our planet is in danger! Protect the earth from aliens! At your disposal are three kinds of ships and 4 types of weapons! Fight for our future!

Play the game Blazing

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Dazzling Bridesmaids

Play Dazzling Bridesmaids

What a wonderful day! The stunning baby sitter will take this sweet baby out for a walk. Make sure you dress them up before they get going. Have fun! These two bridesmaids sure look pretty as can be at their best friends' wedding: all dolled up in their fancy dresses, superior hair styles and pretty fashion accessories. Add your personal touch to their outfits and make sure they look wonderful.

Have fun with playing Play Dazzling Bridesmaids Online

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caelum Game


Human race has used up all the world's energy! Thankfully for them space is full of energy orbs ready to be harnessed by ROB!

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Escape from the Teal Room Game

Escape from the Teal Room

Attempt to escape from the Teal Room simply by using the objects in this little escape game.

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Mandrake Game


After a long time together spent on growing Bio-Magical plants, Helga and Helmut van der Doom have finally created first world singing Mandrake. Unfortunately this event has became the beginning of a marital... misunderstanding. Good luck and have fun!

Have fun with Play Mandrake Online

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Play Artist Dress Up

Artist Dress Up

Click and drag clothing items onto the artist to make a truly crafty look!

Play the game Play Artist Dress Up

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Point and Click Advanced Game

Point and Click Advanced Game

Test out your skills in speed, accuracy and reaction!

Have fun with playing Point and Click Advanced Game

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Robot Wants Fishy

Robot Wants Fishy Game

Help guide the Robot to the Fishy. You'll have to gather various power-ups to get there, and there seem to be a few hundred aliens also standing in your way.

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Princess Sofia Dress Up Game

Princess Sofia Dress Up Game

The magnificent Princess Sofia is presented in a majestic landscape with her grand castle in background.

Have fun with Princess Sofia Dress Up Online

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Play Ben 10 Longbow

Play Ben 10 Longbow Assist Ben10 enhance his archery skill to kill monsters which are attacking to Earth.

Have fun with Play Ben 10 Longbow

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Savage Planet Defense

Savage Planet Defense

There are a few areas in the galaxy where uranium is in mass abundance. The Savage planet is one of those planets constantly under attack, by other aliens that need the uranium... Defend your home planet with a large battery of gun turrets.

Have fun with Savage Planet Defense

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Play Capital Defence

Capital Defence Game

Place soldiers and cannons as you defend your position in this tower defense game.

Have fun with Capital Defence Game

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Enlightenus 2 The Timeless Tower

Enlightenus 2 The Timeless Tower

Clarence Flatt, an expert clockmaker, has requested your assistance and has offered you the opportunity to explore the Timeless Tower!

Have fun with Enlightenus 2 The Timeless Tower Online

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bella's Masquerade Game

Bella's Masquerade

Bella and her boyfriend are invited to the greatest masquerade in the city and they need a charming style in this crazy event. They need your help to catch the latest fashion and disguise into a character.

Have fun with playing Bella's Masquerade

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Baby Sister Escape Game

Play Baby Sister Escape

Life is a puzzle and pieces are scattered all over the place even in the child's playground. However cosy it looks, this place is much like a hell when you're locked in. Pick up the objects and use them to escape.

Have fun with playing Baby Sister Escape Game

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Diva Hairstyles Game

Diva Hairstyles

This Diva is dying to stand out from the crowd, so offer her a colourful hairstyle which will draw all eyes to her!

Have fun with Diva Hairstyles Online

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Play Trifferences

Play Trifferences

Spot the differences between three photos, instead of 2 in this difference kind puzzle game.

Have fun with playing Trifferences

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Zombeast Stampede

Zombeast Stampede

Defend your boxes as you upgrade your weapons, and buy more in order to defend, and repair your boxes.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Journey of Bugzy

Play Journey of Bugzy

Are you ready for the biggest adventure of your life? As being a bug... Impressive point & click adventure where you need to assist Bugzy the bug on his journey back home. After huge storm Bugzy is lost and he's missing his home and family!

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Tombs of Anubis

Tombs of Anubis Game

Destroy Anubis and his army of mummies by taking snap shots of them with your camera. Collect the snap shots to finish each level but be quick, take too long and the mummies come back to life more annoyed and hungry for revenge!

Have fun with Play Tombs of Anubis Online

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The Portal

The Portal Game

Turn and move around the rooms as you pick-up objects to assist you along your escape.

Have fun with The Portal Online

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The Farmer's Flower

The Farmer's Flower

Fire your dart as you pop the right bubbles to water the flowers. Avoid black bubbles!

Participate in The Farmer's Flower

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Express Delivery

Express Delivery

Fill up your truck with packages and after that drive to the post office. Do not drop a lot of packages!

Play the game Express Delivery Game

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Fairytale Princess Dress Up Game

Play Fairytale Princess Dress Up

Dress and makeup this fairytale princess girl.

Play the game Play Fairytale Princess Dress Up

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Play Space Junk

Space Junk Game

You must find the hidden objects listed below in a short period of time. A number of them are really hard to find out.

Have fun with playing Space Junk

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Download Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar

Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar

Join Scarlett as she journeys to the amazing island of Madagascar to assist the workers on a reservation rescue their animals!

Play the game Farm Frenzy 3 Madagascar Game Online

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Dress Up Game

Day Dress Up Game

It's another wonderful day, sun shines and gentle breeze breaks the leaves off the tree trunk and gives you a warm welcome. In this fabulous shopping mall you are about to meet your love and before that check the coolest outfits and hairstyles.

Have fun with Play Day Dress Up

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