Thursday, October 28, 2010

Play Escape from Empty Room1

Play Escape from Empty Room1

Try to solve the puzzles and escape from empty room1. Good luck and have a great time!

Have fun with Play Escape from Empty Room1 Online

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Halloween Kissing

Halloween Kissing

Halloween has arrived! Both you and your boyfriend have already collected candies and now you're back home at the Halloween Party to enjoy it! Trick or Treat!

Have fun with Halloween Kissing Game Online

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amelie's Cafe Halloween

Amelie's Cafe Halloween Game

Assist Amelie cater to guests clothed as ghosts, goblins and vampires! Keep her cooks busy and more in this management game!

Play the game Amelie's Cafe Halloween Game Online

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Hoger the Pirate

Hoger the Pirate Game

Right after landing on Lost Island Hoger the Pirate began celebrating and tasting local rum. The next day he finds himself alone and completely lost. Put your point and click skills to the big test in this journey. Good luck and have fun!

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SuperMax Game

SuperMax Game

Supermax is a stealth adventure game with a quite arcadish experience. The protagonist awakens in a prison cell with no idea how he got there.

Play the game Play SuperMax Online

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Play Ghost Hacker

Play Ghost Hacker

Tower Defense game with a twist! Use available memory in order to build defenses, and customize them with specific upgrades.

Play the game Ghost Hacker Online

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Rolling Fall

Rolling Fall

Cut the chains, release the balls and get rid of all zombies.

Have fun with playing Rolling Fall

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Blow Bubbles Girl Dress Up

Blow Bubbles Girl Dress Up

Blowing bubbles is fun to do! Look, that sweet young lady is blowing bubbles. The bubbles are so lovely. Right now dress her up, let her be a bright star in the park.

Have fun with playing Play Blow Bubbles Girl Dress Up

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Pirate Solitaire

Download Pirate Solitaire

Follow a pirate’s treasure map in Pirate Solitaire, a fast-paced and entertaining downloadable card game! Chain together combos to uncover treasures!

Have fun with playing Pirate Solitaire

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Pro Zombie Golf

Play Pro Zombie Golf

Launch the skull and try to knock all the zombies off into the fence to rip off their heads.

Participate in Pro Zombie Golf Game Online

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Prom Beauty Makeup Game

Play Prom Beauty Makeup

The Bubble Girl has been a star. Now, she will go dating shortly. She does not want her boyfriend see her lazy looks. Please give her prom beauty make-up now. She can be a prom queen. Enjoy the fun!

Play the game Play Prom Beauty Makeup Online

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera

Download Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera

You have been invited to the very long abandoned Paris Opera House. Find the phantom and find out the torment of this sad hero!

Participate in Mystery Legends The Phantom of the Opera

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Download Cookie Domination

Cookie Domination Game

When new cookie clubs begin selling their sweets, the only method to stop them is by taking back the areas they have taken!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Play Mask Party

Mask Party

This cutie is doing a warm up for the Halloween, by visiting a mask party. Assist her select the cutest clothing and a mystical mask.

Have fun with playing Play Mask Party

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Fat Piggy Game

Fat Piggy

Shoot your pig from the cannon and eat sufficient food to advance.

Play the game Fat Piggy Game

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twins of Fashion Game

Twins of Fashion Game

Dressup this pair of attractive looking twins with fashion to make them look far better when they're together.

Participate in Twins of Fashion Online

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Mario Bros Motobike Game

Mario Bros Motobike

Ride your motorbike as Mario as you grab as many coins as possible, and don't crash while performing tricks.

Have fun with Play Mario Bros Motobike

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Play Nina Dobrev Makeup

Nina Dobrev Makeup Game

Nina Dobrev's performance is beginning soon. You must help her make up before coming on the stage. Please select the best hairstyle, jewelries and some other cosmetics. You have to be a best Make up artists.

Have fun with playing Nina Dobrev Makeup Game Online

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Play Hidden

Play Hidden

Hide in the shadows and steal your way around this exclusive puzzle game. Be cautious, cameras and guards are on the lookout for you. Go on, get stealing!

Have fun with Play Hidden Online

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

After Years in Dark Tunnels

After Years in Dark Tunnels

Your spaceship has crash-landed on an alien world, and your crew is missing. Can you find your crew and escape?

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Bar Defender

Bar Defender

Defend your position as you chuck bottles at the incoming waves of people. Earn enough money to buy much better equipment.

Have fun with Bar Defender

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Distress Signal Game

Play Distress Signal

Starship Ironside is on a journey of exploration and is all of a sudden being sabotaged and pushed to crash on a planet on the far side of Triangulum Galaxy. This seems to be a serious condition, especially when the occupants of the planet are dangerous and a mysterious member of the ship doesn't even want you to survive. But not for you! For you this is an opportunity to earn yourself a medal! Explore and survive this 8bit'ish world by powering up the main computer and contacting fleet. Loads of levels, monsters, secrets (even 1 secret world!), items, achievements and pixelart await!

Have fun with Distress Signal Game

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Word Dig

Play Halloween Word Dig

It is Halloween night and four cheeky ghosts have decided to leave the graveyard to go scare the trick-or-treaters. Find the Halloween words to prevent them from reaching the exit! Pick one of 3 difficulty modes and begin digging!

Have fun with Halloween Word Dig Online

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Reachin Pichin

Play Reachin Pichin

Help the weird creature, Pichin, show his worth.

Have fun with Play Reachin Pichin

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Tree Fender

Play Tree Fender

Defend the Sacred Trees from hordes of Crazy Golems!

Have fun with playing Tree Fender Game Online

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Play The Monkey King

The Monkey King Game

In this shooting game, you control the monkey king and attempt to shoot the enemies using your mouse.

Play the game The Monkey King Online

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Physics Fidget Game

Physics Fidget

Physics Fidget is numerous different types of physics game play all-in-one game. Get the one eyed rabbit rolling robot to the portal of all 70 stages.

Have fun with playing Physics Fidget

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Cool Cosplay Dress Up Show

Cool Cosplay Dress Up Show Game

The girl in cool cosplay dress up show, will go out for the big show and she requires your help!

Have fun with Cool Cosplay Dress Up Show Game Online

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Great Migrations

Great Migrations

Guide different animals as they continue their Great Migrations! Avoid predators and also obstacles as you travel across the globe!

Have fun with Great Migrations Game

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fashion in Mirror Dress Up

Play Fashion in Mirror Dress Up

Mirror can reflect your fashion so girls are all look into the mirror often. Angela has bought a bunch of clothes yesterday, she wants your assistance to pick some wonderful ones to make her more stylish. Have fun!

Have fun with Fashion in Mirror Dress Up Game Online

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Trafficator Game

Don't allow the cars crash or hit people! Do not create a traffic jam either.

Play the game Trafficator Online

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Play Spacecraft

Spacecraft Game

Build twenty one different ships, each with its own special abilities, from 3 unique races and use 15 different mothership specials in this challenging three dimensional rendered real time strategy game!

Play the game Play Spacecraft Online

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Castle Destroyer


Cut the blocks and get them below the line.

Have fun with playing Castle Destroyer Game

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Play Kung Fu Attack

Play Kung Fu Attack

Launch your karate abilities in the very retro arcade game Kung Fu Attack. Use arrow keys, X and C to move, jump, kick'n'punch your way through stages.

Play the game Play Kung Fu Attack

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Trinklit Supreme Game

Trinklit Supreme Game

Jump in to a fantastic Puzzle game in Trinklit Supreme! Deceptively simple, but difficult to master, Trinklit Supreme is an interesting adventure!

Have fun with Trinklit Supreme Game Online

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Jump Jesus Jump

Jump Jesus Jump Game

Help Jesus return to heaven by bouncing across make shift platforms.

Participate in Play Jump Jesus Jump

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Play Elegant Sea Horse

Elegant Sea Horse

The empire deep under the sea needs a royal family and a young and attractive sea horse princess who will rule the kingdom with her power and beauty! This young sea horse princess is yours, you can get her ready for the crown ceremony!

Play the game Elegant Sea Horse Game

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Spice Girl Dress Up Game

Spice Girl Dress Up Game

Spice up your life simply by being the clothes designer for this spice girl artist. Pick the most fabulous and gorgeous outfits, hair styles and do give her the best fashion accessories to make her look so beautiful on the stage.

Have fun with playing Play Spice Girl Dress Up Online

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Play Nanopath

Set your path, unlock lasers, do not touch walls, be cautious about other machine paths.

Play the game Nanopath Game

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Shopping Addicted Game

Play Shopping Addicted

Update your wardrobe to the most current fashion trends getting influenced by the lately purchased trendy clothes and accessories of this cute shopaholic teen.

Have fun with Shopping Addicted

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Curse of the Dragon Egg

Curse of the Dragon Egg Game

Find all of the differences between the 2 photos to browse the story book of the cursed dragon egg.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Japanese Kimono Game

Japanese Kimono Game

The blue kimono is my favourite among the others and because I am not yet married, my sleeves reach down to my ankles, they're wide in size and beautiful. This is the best a single Japanese woman can wear!

Play the game Japanese Kimono

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New Look Taylor Swift Game

New Look Taylor Swift Game

The charming and friendly face of the fame world, Taylor Swift is requesting a brand new style with a professional make up! You can give her a hand, trying your own makeup skills and get her ready for her wonderful rock concert!

Play the game Play New Look Taylor Swift

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Summer Seaside

Summer Seaside Game

It's great to swim all the time in the blue sea and when the lights dim, you wait for a group of friends to play some beach games! With your best flyaway summer clothes, of course it's a lot easier to have a style!

Have fun with playing Play Summer Seaside Online

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Japanese Nonograms

Play Japanese Nonograms

Classic Japanesse puzzle game but online version. Painting by numbers. Griddlers. Nonograms.

Participate in Play Japanese Nonograms

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Play Rock Transporter

Rock Transporter Game

Drive your truck as you transport minerals to the finish. Make money using minerals to upgrade your truck.

Play the game Rock Transporter Online

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Track the Ball

Track the Ball

Slide the ball as it stops against blocks. Change its direction and get it to the hole in each level.

Play the game Play Track the Ball Online

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Play Marble Game

Play Marble Game

Flip the teeters at the perfect time to try and pick-up all the gold coins and get to the exit.

Have fun with playing Play Marble Online

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Drawn Dark Flight Game

Drawn Dark Flight

A kingdom's future rests in the light of three beacons. Can they be lit in time? Will the shadows be cast into light?

Have fun with Download Drawn Dark Flight

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summit Game

Play Summit

Reach the Summit of each and every level in this pixelly platform jump and run game using arrow keys and X but watch out the energy which you'll use it to climb.

Have fun with playing Play Summit Game Online

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