Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Play Bride Dress Up


This bride girl needs a cool dress before the wedding ceremony at the church. Click on the several options to change her looks.

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Uranus Girl Dress Up


There's a celebration on Uranus, dressup this sci-fi girl for tonight's party.

Play the game Uranus Girl Dress Up Game

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Hundreds Game


Make the ball numbers increase to achieve 100. Don't grow balls when they touch each other.

Have fun with Hundreds Game Online

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Purple Trouble Game


Purple Trouble is a pretty easy online physics game of getting the purple colored physics patterns off the screen and keeping the green colored ones on the screen..

Have fun with playing Play Purple Trouble Online

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Play Epos


Epos is a turn based RPG with great looking graphics. Attack with your sword and magic against several enemies.

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Glam Nail Studio Game


Glam nail studio is a great place to have a bling bling manicure! It is possible to pick either to do a random painting or a catalogue challenge. Just have fun with your nail art!

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Play Hypertube


Elevate yourself into the sky by simply dropping balls onto the turning cylinder to match three or much more of the same color in this 3-D action puzzler. You can choose between the normal game with levels, or the Survival mode!

Play Hypertube Game Online

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Play American Football Hidden Alphabets


In this game, you must find out the hidden alphabets from the provided image. Search carefully to get all the alphabets from A to Z, which are hidden in the photo.

Have fun with playing American Football Hidden Alphabets Online

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Bomber Chomp


Bomber Chomp is a very simple game, but extremely addicting! How high can you get and how many bomb sequences can you make?

Play the game Bomber Chomp Online

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Play Lost Numbers 18


Lost Numbers 18 stands out as the eighteenth part of Lost Numbers point & click hidden object game. In this online game, you have to make use of point and click skills in order to find hidden numbers on the pictures to finish levels.

Have fun with Lost Numbers 18

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The Harry Stick Journey


In this adventure game, you must place items and find out how they have an effect on the environment and guide Harry survive.

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Fourth of July Dress Up Game


It is a major holiday for all the Americans around the world on the fourth of July. Each year they dress-up in patriotic clothes in red, blue and white. Dress them both up and have them look the finest possible!

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Play Alien Shots 3


We're back with a photo hunt game.. Find out all the Small Cute Aliens, that are posing in the sky and take a snap of them.

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Play Mr and Mrs Jerry Kissing


Tom and Jerrys' small fights are always pleasant to watch. Lets prepare yourself to watch another. Here Jerry and his pair are supposed to kiss each other without getting noticed by Tom. Make them kiss and fill up the kissing loader before the time gets over.

Play the game Mr and Mrs Jerry Kissing Game Online

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

7 Days on Mars


Your mission is to withstand seven days until spaceship arrives. Use the mouse to aim and click to shoot.

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Mermaid Makeover Game


Even when you live underwater, you need to look excellent!

Have fun with playing Play Mermaid Makeover

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Perfect Balance 3


Can you balance all the brand-new shapes in sixty completely new levels? The aim is as always to drop all the shapes on the stage without letting any of them fall. Enjoy yourself!

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Temple Hidden Alphabets


In this game you need to search for the hidden alphabets from the provided Temple picture. Search thoroughly in order to get all the alphabets from A to Z, that are hidden in the picture.

Play the game Play Temple Hidden Alphabets Online

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Banana Lure Game


Please make use of the right and left arrow keys in order to make little monkey jump between two trees to dodge the poisonous mushrooms. Have some fun!

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Play The Orc Slayer


Some day our hero was walking through the forest and all of a sudden he found the magical weapon called orc slayer. With its power the boy will ultimately be able to beat the evil dragon king with your help.

Have fun with playing The Orc Slayer Online

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Play The Roaring Twenties


The Roaring Twenties is a time management game where you need to run an employment agency.

Play The Roaring Twenties Online

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Max Damage 2 Game


Max is back with some brand new toys including a machine gun and laser. Topple bbq pits on to fridges, burn bookcases and disintegrate microwaves! Result in maximum damage to pass fifty levels in this addictive online physics game.

Play Play Max Damage 2

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Hot BBQ Party


Simply click on the food and then on the grill to start cooking. When you see a green arrow, just click it to turn the food. When you see a red arrow, click the food to get it and click on the customers to give them their order. When they pay, simply click the money. Purchase upgrades between the levels in order to improve your grilling skills.

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Justin Case Game


The game play is pretty simple. Finding / Using items and interacting with people will progress the game.

Play Justin Case Game

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Use your creativity and design your perfect kitchen. Make use of your mouse and simply click on the category buttons to pick the items you like best!

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Play Office Girl


This office girl has to put in extended stays at work, but she also wants to look fashionable and wonderful constantly. Give her some help and choose a brilliant outfit and hairstyle and a few great, matching accessories.

Play the game Play Office Girl

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Play Lady Gaga and Beyonce


The 2 pop stars are as well close friends in real life and they are planning to sing together tonight. Get them dressed for the superb show and create matching styles for both of them.

Have fun with Play Lady Gaga and Beyonce 

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weapons on Wheels Game


Navigate your automobile through each level; in case you can't reach the top four, you may encounter disqualification! Spend your money on upgrades or save it until the end of the game in order to boost your score!

Have fun with Weapons on Wheels

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Play Easy Joe


Take a look at each scene and simply click on items to get Joe to be able to pass to the following scene. Short, but decent puzzle game.

Have fun with playing Play Easy Joe Online

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Stop That Vuvuzela


Shoot the vuvuzelas of the World Cup 2010 so that you can give peace to the stadium.

Play Play Stop That Vuvuzela Online

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Play Find the Red Button 2


Try to find red-colored button and simply click on it to advance following level. Can you find all the Red Buttons (and the secrets)?

Play the game Find the Red Button 2 Game Online

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Turtle Run


Try to reach the ocean while you stay away from the falling objects.

Play the game Play Turtle Run Online

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Play Dream Stack


Hit the patterns with patterns of the same color to avoid the screen from filling up.

Play the game Dream Stack Online

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Play Cannon Shot


Aim and launch the colored balls out of your cannon and make the balls touch similar colored blocks.

Have fun with Cannon Shot Game

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Red and Blue Balls 3 Game


Make use of the blue and red ball figures to make it through every level as they need each others assistance.

Have fun with Play Red and Blue Balls 3 Online

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Play Bling Bling Manicure


A bling bling manicure could be a perfect complement for your clothing as well as accessories. It'll make you look far more attractive.

Play the game Bling Bling Manicure Online

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Make a Save


Attempt to stop as many balls as possible over seven rounds of 5 penalty kicks.

Play the game Make a Save Game

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010



Flourish is a Grow style on-line flash puzzle game. You try to use your point and click skills to click around as your flourish the scene. Can you able to solve this Grow style game?

Have fun with playing Flourish Game

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An Escape Series 4 The Bathroom


This time, you wake up in a bathroom to find the exit blocked, not by a locked door but by a bank of lasers. Make use of your pointing and clicking skills in order to escape, making use of mainly simply common household objects hidden around the room. Could you find a way out?

Participate in An Escape Series 4 The Bathroom

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Rise n Shine


Launch the yellow sun and attempt to awaken all the other suns on every single level. You've limited shots per level.

Have fun with Play Rise n Shine Online

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Play Acidrain


Make your way home through the graveyard dodging acid raindrops and also zombies. Acidrain game features a total of twenty levels.

Play Play Acidrain

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Play Back in Play


Pick your Player, Select your Team, after that get ready to play football! Time your throw in properly so you can give the striker the opportunity to score goals! Each goal you score for your nation goes onto the global score board so give it your best throw!

Have fun with Back in Play Online

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Ultimate Car Racing


Ultimate auto drifting and racing game. Try out your best drifting skills and keep your car on your way to achieve best lap time.

Have fun with Play Ultimate Car Racing

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Hospital Lover Kissing Game


In this game, you need to help the lover girl kiss her lover boy who is admitted in the hospital. Look out for the doctors and the ward boy, do not get caught.

Play Hospital Lover Kissing

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Centaur Girl Dress Up Game


Click the categories to view the various alternatives and find the best look. Just click Reset button in order to start over and Show button to view the end result.

Play Centaur Girl Dress Up Online

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Bustling Hedgehog


Guide the Hedgehog carry the meals to the holes (light blue gates) in this Sokoban like online puzzle game.

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The Lively Golf Girl Dress Up Game


Dress this little girl up in a cute golf clothing, do her hair and choose some jewelries as well.

Participate in Play The Lively Golf Girl Dress Up

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alien Shots 2


We're back with a Photo Hunt again... Spot out all of the Small Cute Aliens, who're appearing in the sky and take a snap of them.

Have fun with playing Alien Shots 2

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Grandma's Kitchen 3


Grandmother has moved to a whole new house and invited all her brand new nearby neighbours to a dinner at the back garden to meet them all. Right now she must set a rich table and she needs your guidance with the kitchen tasks. Guide her with the four delicious recipes!

Play the game Play Grandma's Kitchen 3 Online

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Play Yummy Honey Jelly


Simply click a flower to gather the nectar, and simply click the hive to place the honey in it. Wait until the honey is hot, and then simply click the spoon to pour the honey into the shape the buyer has ordered. Once it is done, click the jelly and then the customer. Try to reach the target score before you are out of time!

Have fun with Yummy Honey Jelly Game Online

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